The apparent irony of ‘What the Flip? ’ is that Grindr, by its nature

The apparent irony of ‘What the Flip? ’ is that <a href=""></a> Grindr, by its nature

Encourages its users to divide the planet into those who find themselves and the ones that are perhaps not viable objects that are sexual to crude markers of identification – to think when it comes to sexual ‘deal-breakers’ and ‘requirements’. By doing this, Grindr merely deepens the grooves that are discriminatory which our intimate desires currently move. But online dating sites – and particularly the abstracted interfaces of Tinder and Grindr, which distil attraction down seriously to the requirements: face, height, fat, age, race, witty tagline – has perhaps taken what exactly is worst concerning the ongoing state of sex and institutionalised it on our displays.

A presupposition of ‘What the Flip? ’ is that this is certainly a peculiarly homosexual issue: that the homosexual male community is simply too shallow, too body-fascist, too judgy.

The homosexual guys within my life state this kind of thing on a regular basis; all of them feel bad about this, perpetrators and victims alike (many see themselves as both). Continue reading “The apparent irony of ‘What the Flip? ’ is that Grindr, by its nature”