My Girlfriend’s Best Friend – Part 3 the summertime of ’77

My Girlfriend’s Best Friend – Part 3 the summertime of ’77

We dated a lady known as Laurie about when a during the summer of 1977 week. It wasn’t really her; it was mostly because her best friend, Ruth, was willing to fuck me whenever I wanted so that Laurie could remain a virgin because I was attracted to.

Saturday first thing I remember from that summer was taking my Island Goddess, Sheryl, to Carmel Beach one. Afternoon we laid on the sand together, taking in the rays until early. We had started making away pretty passionately and I also knew I happened to be likely to screw her immediately regarding the coastline when we didn’t keep. We wasn’t bashful about fucking in public places, but i believe 99% for the remaining portion of the individuals would have approved very n’t much. And Sheryl could have probably objected by herself.

There was clearly only one method inside and out for the coastline for people; a lengthy, steep stairway up to the parking lot. And whom simply been descending during the exact same time that Sheryl and I also had been climbing up? My flame that is old Arlene my Filipino Princess that has set waste to section of my entire life a few days early in the day.

Arlene stopped appropriate in the front of me personally and Sheryl. She ended up being therefore fucking hot, but therefore ended up being Sheryl.

One thing about those Pacific Islander ladies drove me personally insane, and I also enjoyed their exotic beauty significantly more than virtually any females in the world. No matter what soil through the Philippine Islands magically produced, the girls we knew in senior school after that had it in spades! Continue reading “My Girlfriend’s Best Friend – Part 3 the summertime of ’77”