Josiah, and dumplings!

It is not about the destination, it is about the journey.  This past weekend I wanted to make something different for breakfast. My sons did not want french toast.  But once I made them part of the process, they dove right in and we got more out of making breakfast than eating it (they still don’t like french toast, but they tried).

The video here shows the same experience I had with Josiah in China.  He was not sure what to think of listening to the history of dumpling making.  He shifted in his seat wondering where this was leading.  The Chef started to call some of us “students” to help stir the rice flour into the “dough” as his assist with making the sausage stuffing.  Like any large meal gathering, he was looking for help in the community.  Josiah was asked to help at one point and politely passed, uncertain in being the center of attention.  When it came time to rub the flour on hands to stuff the dough with the filling Josiah was still waiting.  He needed encouragement.  I covered my hands in flour, I then took his hand and did the same.  He followed the directions and caught quickly and mastered the art form.  I stepped away to give  room for the other kids.  What I observed is that he quickly filled with confidence and self-esteem.  He began chatting with the other kids, the Chef and assistant and even the SWI Director.  We made dumplings for an hour.  He worked hard to make about 35 of the 200 dumplings we cooked.  It was like watching the preparations for any meal at home.  The teamwork that goes into Thanksgiving dinner or the Memorial Day cookout.

At the end of the dumpling experience there were about 20 dumplings, cooked but untouched.  We all ate our fill.  It was Josiah who asked the Chef if he could take the dumplings.  The Chef got a to-go contained and filled it.  I asked him if he was going to eat them when we got back, he said no.  His plan was to share them with his friends at the SWI who could not join us on the experience.

We are still amplifying Josiah’s story to find him his forever family.  Please help us by sharing this post and his other story.  So like Josiah sharing his dumplings to feed his friends, share this story to fill your friends souls.

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