Bringing New JOY


With families working hard to bring Amelia, Josiah, and Sean home it is time for the next JOY MIssion Trip.  Who will be the families to advocate?  Who will be children matched to these families?  Who are their future moms, dads, brothers, sisters …?

My trip last Spring left a new and ever lasting impression on me.  It reminded me how much joy a child has within them. It showed me what connection means.  And it reinforced the great communities that are around us.  More importantly, it showed me my own ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Give yourself the gift of being empowered to make a difference.  The next JOY mission trip departs in just a couple of weeks. The mission will be heading to Guangdong, China.  This providence is in southeastern China (just west of Hong Kong). You will witness the blending traditional and modern Chinese cultures while experiencing life through the eyes of an orphan.

Spots in this program are limited and registration will be ending soon! If you’re interested in learning how you can give back through our JOY Mission trip, contact the hosting team today at! or visit

You and also contact me at

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